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Mechanical Bull Rental in Greenville, SC.

YEEEHAWWW, are you looking for a mechanical bull for your next fair, event, party, fundraiser or western theme school event or party? Need some kick in your country music festival? Bring the party back into your bar? Something that will entertain both the kids and cowboys? You've found it! our mechanical bull rental is Safe and FUN for the kids, the cowboys and the urban cowboys too!

We provide the best mechanical bulls and we're the most requested company in the Southeast region! Servicing the entire state of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Are you out of our service area? Call us and give us your party information and location, we work with other reputable bull rental providers outside our service area that can help you get a fantastic bull rental in your hometown!
Sit back, relax and enjoy the party as our professional mechanical bull operator controls the bull riding experience for you and your guests!
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