Cowboy e-bike Take The Streets

Cowboy Take The Streets

Designed to feel the road.
And beat the commute.

Reddot Awards 2019 - Best of the Best Take The Streets

Cowboy e-bike Power

Power The road is yours.

An intuitive assistance adapts automatically to power the speed you need. That first kick, a connection between you and the road.

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  • Start

    Gain power the second you pedal forward. From in-line stop to quick start.

  • Acceleration

    With a single gear you can always achieve sustained acceleration. Never think to switch, just ride.

  • Uphill climb

    In a persistent high gear ratio, you can take any hill with ease. Climb higher, even faster.

10 km/h MAX

Cowboy e-bike Safety

Safety Safety comes fierce.

On the prowl at dusk, or awake at dawn. Intensifying lights and hydraulic brakes ever there as you slow. And then, you're off.

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Front and rear lights complete the design frame and the safety picture. See and be seen by other riders in the lane and drivers on the road.

Cowboy - Safety - Integrated


Hydraulic disc brakes give you the ultimate stopping power. Go from 25 km/hr to stop in a split second.

Cowboy - Safety - Controlled


The brake light illuminates brighter and further for greater visibility as you reduce speed.

Cowboy - Safety - Intense

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Cowboy e-bike Comfort

Comfort Go further.

A minimal, sleek design with every essential detail considered for ease of ride and convenience of journey. Go further in comfortable silence.

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Cowboy e-bike - Comfort - Integrated

Removable battery

The built-in battery is removable so you can recharge anywhere that's convenient. And with a 70km battery range, cycle far and wide.

  • Autonomy up-to-70km
  • Weight: 2.4kg
  • Cell lithium ion battery: 360 Wh, 10.0 Ah
  • 100% charge in 3.5h
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Cowboy e-bike - Comfort - 100% charge in 3.5 hours

100% charge in 3.5 hours

Cowboy e-bike - Comfort - 100% charge in 3.5 hours

Wide tires

Grip the road and ride with ease. Relax into another ride, tread to pavement.

  • Panaracer
  • Custom Gravelking
  • 42mm wide
Cowboy e-bike - Comfort - Wide tires

Clean belt

A smooth, clean ride with low maintenance. Cut yourself some slack and cycle unchained.

  • Rubber and glass fiber
  • Gear ratio of 3.1:1
Cowboy e-bike - Comfort - Clean belt


The bike easily carries any load, but lets you tread lightly. Even sling it over your shoulder and carry it upstairs for a life above the streets.

  • 16.1 kg (battery included)
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Lightweight Lightweight

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Cowboy e-bike Security

Cowboy e-bike Support

Support Never ride alone.

With each meter you ride, your bike is supported over the air and around the corner. So you can cycle the city the way it's meant to be—always connected and oriented towards the way forward.

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Cowboy e-bike Specifications

Cowboy Specifications

Cowboy e-bike - Take The Streets
Frame Aluminium 6061
Rider height One M-L frame size, optimized for riders between 170-195 cm tall
Fork Aluminium 6061
Drive train Custom drivetrain alloy front sprocket, steel rear
Handlebar 540 mm width, 7 deg sweep, 15 mm rise
Brakes Tektro, Hydraulic, M290 calipers, M285 brake levers
Brake pads Tektro F10BS
Wheels Alloy rims, pinned joint, no SSE, 36H
Tires Panaracer Gravelking 27.5*1.65 (584*42)
Weight 16.1kg Lightweight Learn more
Saddle Cowboy-custom saddle
Warranty 2 years
Included in box 4mm and 5mm Allen keys
Color Matte black
Belt Rubber and glass fiber
Sprockets 68 front & 22 rear teeth, made of steel for the rear and alloy for the front
Assist Speed 25 km/h
Range Up-to-70km autonomy
Battery 10Ah, 360Wh Autonomy up-to-70km Learn more
Motor 36 V 250 W rear hub motor 30 Nm Electric Assistance Learn more
Control mode Connected phone with app
Connectivity Bluetooth Low Energy
Charger Custom-designed 36V / 3A charger
Charging time 100% recharged in 3.5 hours
Price 1,990€ — Learn more

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Make your move

The streets are yours. One ride and you'll know why.