Cowboy e-bike Cowboy 3 Take the streets

Cowboy e-bike - Cowboy 3 Take the streets
Cowboy e-bike - Cowboy 3 Take the streets

Cowboy e-bike Shift your ride, not gears.

Ease your path toward the fastest way to move in the city. Free your mind as the bike adapts intuitively to power the speed you need.

Cowboy e-bike Ready to roam.

A removable battery built seamlessly into the frame is the bike's signature detail. The only time you'll notice is when you take it out for a charge.

Cowboy e-bike - Ready to roam.

Removable · Up to 70 km range · 2.4 kg

Ready to roam.

Supercharged life

Sometimes life clicks right into place. Remove the battery when you need a charge, then be on your way in a snap.

Cowboy e-bike Earn your street tread.

The road may be rough, but your ride can be light. Every detail of the 16.9 kg bike is engineered to go the distance and keep you cycling smooth.

Cowboy e-bike - Earn your street tread.

Performance by design

A quick peek under the hood, and you'll see a machine fine-tuned—stem to pedal, saddle to sprocket—for the ultimate riding experience.

Cowboy e-bike - Performance by design



Carbon belt transmission

The steadiest ride around. No oily chain to mess with and no maintenance required up to 30,000 kilometers.

Cowboy e-bike - Carbon belt transmission

Puncture-resistant tires

All-rounder tires handle the load and the road. The city may throw you stones, bumps, and craters, but flats are a rarity with flexible grip and a puncture protection layer in the tires.

Cowboy e-bike - Puncture-resistant tires

Cowboy e-bike Safety is our game. Lights are in frame.

On the prowl at night or awake by day, riding safely never looked so good. Be seen by others on the road, ever aware of your surroundings.

Integrated lights

Lights look sleek to brighten the path in front of you. Turn them on and off with a simple tap.

Cowboy e-bike - Integrated lights

Flashing brake light

The rear light flashes when you slow your speed so you're more visible to the traffic behind you.

Cowboy e-bike - Flashing brake light

Hydraulic disc brakes

Ride fast and in control with hydraulic brakes that provide total stopping power the second you make contact.

Cowboy e-bike - Hydraulic disc brakes

Crash detection

If the bike detects that you're ever in an accident, we'll check in to make sure you're alright. If not, we'll automatically alert your emergency contact.

Cowboy e-bike - Crash detection

Cowboy e-bike The Cowboy App More than an electric bike.

Discover the app

Cowboy e-bike - The Cowboy App More than an electric bike.

Cowboy e-bike Make it your own.

Pick a color to suit your style, then let it rain with mudguards that fit your bike like a glove.



Cowboy e-bike Technical Specifications

Colors Absolute Black, Anthracite Grey, Mineral Grey
Rider height One M-L frame size, optimized for riders between 170-195 cm tall
Weight 16.9 kg Lightweight Learn more
Battery range Up to 70 km autonomy — Learn more
Charging time 100% recharged in 3.5 hours — Learn more
Assist speed 25 km/h — Learn more
Included in box 4 mm, 5 mm and 6mm Allen keys, belt spanner
Warranty 2 years — Learn more
Control mode Connected phone with app
Price €2.290 — Learn more
Frame Aluminium 6061
Fork Aluminium 6061
Drivetrain Gates™️ Carbon Drivetrain, alloy front sprocket, steel rear
Belt Gates™️ CDX carbon belt - offering a 30.000 km lifetime
Sprockets 63 front & 22 rear teeth, made of steel for the rear and alloy for the front
Handlebar 540 mm width, 7 deg sweep, 15 mm rise
Brakes Tektro, Hydraulic, HD-R310 system (with HD-M285 levers)
Brake pads Tektro F10BS
Wheels Alloy rims - J25D 27.5''*13G*36H F/V
Tires 42mm Cowboy-custom tires, puncture resistant tires with a flexible grip and a puncture protection layer
Saddle Cowboy-custom saddle
Motor Custom-designed 30 Nm / 250 W motor, integrated into the rear wheel Electric Assistance Learn more
Connectivity Bluetooth Low Energy
Battery 10 Ah, 360 Wh Autonomy up to 70 km Learn more
Charger Custom-designed 36V / 3A charger — Learn more
Mobile app iOS and Android. Secure, digital-key lock/unlock via personal app

Cowboy e-bike