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The Cowboy app is now available on Wear OS

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Android smartwatch users can now unlock their bike, track ride essentials, and push toward new riding streaks and health gains.

The Cowboy app is now available for Android smartwatches. After Apple Watch riders gained access earlier this summer, now everyone can. With a quick tap, you can unlock your bike, control your lights and see the direction you're headed. Even monitor your heart rate during or after your ride as you push for even more human power.

The Cowboy watch app is one of many premium features in Connect. Our riders conquer challenges on social fitness platforms, stay aware of proactive charge reminders and potential road dangers with Predictive Alerts, and even analyze their ride stats over time. With the community having collectively traveled over 100 million kilometers to date, our seamless hardware and software helps every rider connect seamlessly on their preferred device each time they want to ride.

Any Cowboy rider can access the latest Cowboy Wear OS app in the Google Play store.

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