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Pedaling Through Nature's Gateway: Berlin's E-Bike Adventure

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In the dynamic world of urban cycling, the Cross ST e-bike emerges as a champion for those eager to blend city living with the allure of nature. It's a narrative that resonates strongly with the members of Black Canary 030 and the Cozy Hiking Club in Berlin. This group of nature enthusiasts, led by Tsellot Melesse, Esé Oghene, and Nini Nagele, has found a unique way to bridge the gap between the bustling city life and the serene expanses of the Spandauer Forst, using their Cross ST e-bikes as vessels of exploration.

On a brisk morning that carried the promise of adventure, we journeyed to Berlin to witness how these e-bikes redefine the relationship between cyclists and their environment. Our eclectic group included Tsellot, the visionary behind the Black Canary 030, Esé, a model with a newfound passion for the outdoors, and Nini, a copywriter whose love for hiking knows no bounds.

Tsellot Melesse: Pioneering Spaces

Berlin-born and raised, Tsellot's journey into the great outdoors began unexpectedly in her twenties, sparked by an introduction from a past love. "My love for the outdoors was kindled somewhat late in life, as it wasn't something often celebrated in urban and bipoc communities," Tsellot shares. This realization led her to create Black Canary 030, aimed at fostering a welcoming atmosphere for black and FLINTA individuals to embrace nature together. For Tsellot, the Cross ST isn't just a bike; it's a tool for liberation and exploration, enhancing her connection to nature and the city. "Cycling through Berlin, I'm reminded of the freedom and joy nature offers. The Cross's comfort and versatility make every journey, whether in urban settings or off-road adventures, a pleasure."

"Cycling through Berlin, I'm reminded of the freedom and joy nature offers."


Esé Oghene: Finding Community in the Great Outdoors

Esé's discovery of her outdoor passion unfolded upon her arrival in Berlin, just before the world shut down due to the pandemic. With limited social options, the outdoors became her refuge and a source of new friendships. "I was drawn to the outdoor community for the connections it fostered. It's challenging to build new friendships as an adult, but through this community, I've met incredible people," she reflects. The accessibility and safety of cycling in Berlin compared to her native London have made her an avid cyclist. The Cross ST, with its ease of use and chic mushroom color, has become not just a mode of transport but a fashion statement and a beloved companion on her outdoor adventures.

"I was drawn to the outdoor community for the connections it fostered."


Nini Nagele: Writing and Hiking Through Life

Nini's dual life as a copywriter and hiking enthusiast showcases their deep appreciation for nature's quiet moments and the stories they inspire. Leading the Cozy Hiking Club, they find solace and inspiration in the trails less traveled. "The Cross ST e-bike has transformed the way I approach my hobbies. It allows me to conserve energy on the way to my hiking destinations, enabling me to immerse fully in the beauty of nature without exhaustion," Nini explains. Their vision extends beyond personal use, dreaming of bikepacking across Europe, with the Cross ST serving as a reliable and empowering companion on long-distance journeys.

As we ventured towards Spandauer Forst, the group's camaraderie and shared purpose were evident. Cycling through Berlin's cycle highways, they moved with a sense of freedom and anticipation for the day's adventures. Despite the urban backdrop, their connection to the outdoors and each other was palpable, a testament to the communities they've built and the inclusivity they champion.

"The Cross ST e-bike has transformed the way I approach my hobbies."


Upon reaching the forest's edge, the city's noise faded, replaced by the tranquil sounds of nature. Here, the conversation turned to dreams of the future—of more inclusive outdoor spaces, of adventures yet to be had, and of the impact their communities could have on the world around them.

The day's journey might have ended as the sun set over Berlin, but for Tsellot, Esé, Nini, and their communities, it was just another beginning. A beginning marked by the trails they've blazed and the ones they'll continue to explore, all from the seats of their Cross ST e-bikes.


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