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Scaling New Heights: The Bouldering Communities of Paris

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Nestled within the heart of Paris, a city more renowned for its historical monuments and romantic avenues than its climbing scene, a vibrant community of bouldering aficionados thrives. Steven Seadalle, Nicolas Huynh, and Nacim Saidi are at the forefront of this movement.

Members of the esteemed collectives Karma8a and Climbing District, they were a natural choice for our photoshoot highlighting the features of Cross, the all-round e-bike that goes beyond city limits. Our destination for the day, Fontainebleau, lies southeast of the French capital, a bouldering mecca known for its sandstone boulders and technical climbs. This is their story.

Steven Seadalle: Capturing Moments Between Climbs

Steven's path is one of creativity and adventure, blending his love for bouldering with a keen eye for photography. A production professional by day, he finds solace and inspiration in capturing the raw intensity and grace of bouldering. His black-and-white images, shared on socials with a growing following, tell stories of lazy days and various activities around which friendships are built. "Photography allows me to freeze those fleeting moments of fun and vulnerability. It's about the journey, the community, and the landscapes we inhabit," Steven muses, reflecting on the synergy between his two passions.

Nicolas Huynh: Crafting Solutions, Shaping Dreams

Nicolas brings a craftsman's touch to the bouldering world. As a carpenter running his own workshop in Paris, his days are filled with the creation of bespoke pieces, a testament to his attention to detail and dedication to his craft. This same precision and creativity are evident in his approach to bouldering, where every move is a calculated decision, much like the strokes of his chisel. "Bouldering, to me, is another form of craftsmanship. It's about solving problems, pushing your limits, and constantly refining your technique," Nicolas explains, drawing parallels between his work and his climbing philosophy.

Nacim Saidi: Balancing Act of Passion and Profession

Nacim, a project manager at a PR firm, exemplifies the delicate balance between professional ambition and personal passion. His role, demanding and dynamic, is complemented by the discipline and focus he applies to bouldering. For Nacim, climbing is not just a physical challenge but a mental one, offering a unique space to clear his mind and recharge. "Being outdoors is so important for me to recharge and reconnect with what's important. I love that with Cross, even the journey to my hobby can become part of the fun," he shares.

"I love that with Cross, even the journey to my hobby can become part of the fun"


Unity in Diversity: The Collective Experience

The trio's engagement with Karma8a and Climbing District isn't merely about personal bests but about contributing to a collective that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and mutual support. Together, they navigate the complexities of urban bouldering spots and travel to natural sites where the city's hustle fades into the serene focus of the climb. "Our collectives are more than just groups of climbers; they're families. We share knowledge, encourage each other's growth, and celebrate every climb," Nicolas adds, encapsulating the spirit of camaraderie that defines their community.

"Our collectives are more than just groups of climbers; they're families. We share knowledge, encourage each other's growth, and celebrate every climb."


As we accompany Steven, Nicolas, and Nacim to their next climb, their stories intertwine with the city's narrative – a city that champions art, history, and countless sub-cultures like theirs. From the hidden boulders in parks to the challenging walls of local gyms, they explore, climb, and conquer; writing a new page of their story, one hold at a time.


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