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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Christian ★★★★

    Huizingen Nov 18, 2019 Cowboy 2

    I use my bike to commute to work, two times a week, 20 km one way. I very much like the design of the bike and the automatic gear. The fact that you really have to pedal to feel the comfort of a electric bike made me decide to buy this bike. After three weeks and a couple of flat tires, which took me a long time I bought me some more reliable tires (schwalbe marathon plus). I know the tires who come with the cowboy give a nice feeling while riding but to me their are not reliable. I also bought some accessories recommended by cowboy for more comfort but I find out that a lot of them really don't fit. The rear mudguard of the Sks bluemels 45 28' glossy doesn't fit because the metal part that attaches the mudguard to the bike is to short. The front mudguard of the Sks edge all 46 is to wide to fit the fork, I had to saw it of to partially use it. Th rear luggage rack Btwin 100 ain't wide enough to be attached to the bike. So I believe it's a very nice bike to ride but you must be aware ( an handy) of the necessary adjustments that comes with it when you wan't more comfort.

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