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Cowboy e-bike Certified Refurbished Cowboy Circular

Cowboy 4 e-bike - Cowboy Circular
Giving our wheels a second spin

Cowboy Circular

Hit the road on a bike that's as good as new and ready to ride once again. Each bike is thoroughly checked and cleaned by our skilled technicians.

  • Cowboy quality guarantee

    Each Circular bike is given a thorough quality check with our expert technicians to ensure optimal performance for the road ahead.

  • Free returns

    At Cowboy, no ride is ready unless you're fully satisfied. All returns are free within 30 days, including Circular bikes.

  • Two-year warranty

    All bikes include Cowboy's two-year warranty. It starts at the delivery of your bike and goes the distance with you.

Cowboy 3

Cowboy 3

  • Mudguards pre-installed
  • Overall good condition
  • Possible minor scratches
  • 10-day delivery to anywhere in Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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When you buy a Circular bike, you'll want to know what's included. Here are some frequently asked questions from the Cowboy community to help guide you.

What is Cowboy Circular?

Cowboy Circular gives our bikes a longer lifespan by refurbishing the stock of used Cowboy 1, Cowboy 2 and Cowboy 3 bikes and selling them at a lower price.

Where do Circular bikes come from?

The supply of Circular Cowboy 2 and Cowboy 3 bikes is fuelled by customers returning their bikes in the 30-day period or under warranty, test bikes from our Test ride network and Brussels Brand Store. All bikes are conscientiously refurbished by the service center. Circular Cowboy 1's have never been used.

What do I get when purchasing a bike via Cowboy Circular?

All Circular bikes are sold with a battery, a charger, and the official accessory box.

Which software features are available with Cowboy Circular bikes?
Is there a warranty coming with the purchase of a Circular bike?

Yes, there is a 2-years warranty, more information here.

Can I subscribe to the Theft Insurance when purchasing a Circular bike?

No. Theft Insurance is not available for Circular bikes at the moment.

Can I purchase a Circular bike via a referral link and get free mudguards?

No, Circular bikes can't be purchased via the referral program, it only applies to new bike purchases. However, Circular bike users will be able to enjoy the rewards by referring friends themselves.

What is the return policy?

We offer 30-day free return on Circular bikes. Learn more

Can I apply for subsidies when I order a Circular bike?

It depends on the kind of subsidy you want to apply for. You will receive an invoice of your purchase which will state 'Circular Cowboy 1' or 'Circular Cowboy 2' or 'Circular Cowboy 3'.

What inspections are conducted on Circular bikes?

Cowboy's team of expertly trained technicians conducts checks on the motor assistance and performance, the conditions of battery and charger, corrects the belt tension and ensures noise-free functioning, cleans the brake pads or replaces when worn, tightens bolts and screws or replaces when worn, and includes only original accessories.

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