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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Daniel ★★★★

    Walloon Brabant Sep 16, 2018 Cowboy 1

    Personnally I adore the bike. I was and still am totally charmed by its design, the looks, the brand and also the team around it. Living a bit more than 20 km south from the Brussels border (Brabant) and working at several spots in town, my total biking distance for a normal workday is about 70km (2x35km, charging @work :-). I know that I am an atypical Cowboy-Rider, given that I cover higher average distances than most users, when I ride it. Weak points therefore mainly consist in the absence of any suspension. The strongest point, aside from its sheer beauty is the lightweight. Although I still love the bike after a few months, I may hence conceed that the main target for the Cowboy maybe the city or more proximal suroundings. However if asked whether I would buy it again, the answer is a clear 'yes' :-)

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