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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Daniel ★★★★

    Kehl Jul 05, 2021 Cowboy 3

    The bike is awesome, but I’m not happy with my battery! Why? I’ve tested the bike in different conditions and at the end I came anytime to the same result. The range of the battery was just 50 - 55km! This is far away from the declared 70km. Yes I know the range can be lowered by temperature, hills or user weight, but in my case nothing of these factors can explain why my battery range is less by 15km. The bike itself has a very good quality and there is nothing I could reject. Ok, one more thing (😉)… for tall Cowboys, the handlebar need to be heightened by a adapter, but this is very Easley to do by yourself. Hope my feedback will help to increase the quality of the Cowboy bikes especially the battery. Daniel

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