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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Daniel ★★★★

    Antwerp Sep 26, 2019 Cowboy 2

    I would give the bike 4 stars and a half rides very smoothly and always knows when to give the extra boost. The commuting is so easy now. No more struggling when cycling on a windy day or a steep bridge. The app works perfectly and even though I was looking for functionality over looks, I am surprised by how many people say that it is a beautiful bike. The only downside...the mudguards. I know I am stating the obvious but it is a mess every time it rains. I tried with a short ass-saver but it was not enough. What I kind of worry about is the sand that gets inside the battery compartment. Every time I come home I need to carefully clean it with a brush. So I cannot wait for the day when you guys unleash the mudguards! For the rest I am over the moon with the bike and how accessible the whole team has always been for questions, test ride etc...

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