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It’s extreme fun to ride the Cowboy. The motor controller is tuned perfectly, the „fade out“ when the max speed is reached is great and practically unnoticeable - no „hitting a rubber wall“ when accelerating. The built in front & back lights are great and useful, however it would be nice if they would be legal for use in Germany (I don’t know what’s the legal requirements in the rest of the EU), i.e. no need for the additional lights which come included with the bike. I have problems with one of the pedals (the bearings started to make noise after 1 day or so). I still need to contact Cowboy for this, so I still hope this will be an easy fix (replacing the dud pedal). One downer so far is the fact, that the next partner repair shop, the app shows, is more than 200km away. Especially in southern Germany the partner repair shops are still very(!) rare. I hope this situation will improve. The iPhone App is ok, but an Apple Watch companion app (at least for switching the Cowboy on/off) would be really, really useful!
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