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Main reasons why I decided for buying a cowboy were the price, the fact that you almost don't feel like riding an E-Bike (very well calibration between pedalling power and engine support), belt drive, the off-road mode, the free SIM card for GPS tracking and the control via app on your phone. Points to improve are missing USB port for charging my phone, missing additional fingerprint sensor for enabling w/o the phone, non available original mudguards, tires are too fragile, missing app features like distance since last charging, no charging level indicator on battery, remaining distance estimation, handlebar fixation makes noise and is becoming loose from time to time, the pedals make funny crack noises if I put weight on (not best quality?), non brand-free option, one frame size only, and "only" 110kg as maximum load. Apart from these points of improvement, I love riding the bike and don't know any better alternative.
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