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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Mitchel ★★★★★

    Edegem Nov 18, 2019 Cowboy 2

    The Cowboy is a beautiful bike. The pedal assistance is superb, if it works. My cowboy had some software related problems. I have not been able to ride it for nearly a month now. It's being fixed at Cowboy's. Another issue I had was that the steering wheel was too low for me. I can't blame Cowboy for that because I knew you couldn't raise it before I bought it. Nevertheless it was a problem that had to be solved. I raised with BBB stem riser which works great. I gave the bike three stars because of the issues I had with it. All in all it's a fantastic vehicle and I still love it despite the annoyances. Please Cowboy fix it fast so I can enjoy it again. I really like riding it!

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