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  • Pascal ★★★★

    Düsseldorf Nov 09, 2019 Cowboy 2

    he bike is great in principle. But the tires have to be replaced by better ones! Here cowboy acted late with the rim tape! That was bad for the image! The forums are full of it! There would have to be a way to charge the phone on the bike, because the cell phone battery is quickly empty. or the app consumes a lot of battery. Or it would have to give a speedometer that connects to the bike via Bluetooth, and a kind of Bluetooth key, so that the phone is only needed for company updates. I wish a suspension for front and saddle. A bike stand should be standard! Two holes in the frame for bottle tumbler holders should also be standard. These holes could be covered with black screws. So everyone can think about what he wants to build on his bike.

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