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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Peter ★★★★

    Borgloon Aug 12, 2019 Cowboy 2

    I hadn’t been on a bike for over thirty years. Fed up with using a car even for short distances I started looking for an e-bike. Pretty much every bike I came across wasn’t just that. They looked like grandma’s bike. Until Cowboy came along. A small company from Brussel with a great looking e-bike. I ordered two: one for me, one for my son. A month has passed and the bike is great. It’s fun every trip. Very easy and no nonsense with this bike. Just start and ride. A few small points: after a flat I changed the tires and a noisy belt was fixed with a clean and a bit of soap. Easy do it yourself. Overall a very good bike, beautiful design and fun to use. And at a very competitive price. Never regretted it, not even for a second.

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