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Great bike, stylish and drives really well, ideal daily driver for the city. Some smaller negative points: - you can't go faster than 25... even when you're legs can, the bike holds you back - i'm quite big, and the size of the frame is a little small, so have to extend saddle bar to a maximum - the standard tire on the bike... i'm not yet convinced this is the right on for the bike. Some positive points: - Go to work, without sweating, looking cool - Battery life is more then enough for the city, home - work - assembly quite easy - The brakes brake, like push and stand still (quite important in the city) - No chain oil on your pants! - Fly off when the light turns green - The app is easy to use and you know immediately when to charge the battery - bike is not to heavy, so easy to take in 4,5 / 5
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