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Cowboy e-bike - Easy Rider

Insurance. And more.

Ride easy with theft and damage insurance for your bike.

  • Cowboy e-bike - Easy Rider


    Select the insurance option that best fits your needs. Get theft detection notifications. Enjoy top-of-the-queue support when you need it most.

  • Convenient

    No waiting period for an approval. Just click, pay, activate your insurance in your Cowboy app. And then ride easy without worries.

    Cowboy e-bike - Easy Rider
  • Cowboy e-bike - Easy Rider


    Scan a copy of your police report and fill out a short online form. We will resolve your claim in no time and if it is approved you will receive a brand new bike. As simple as that, you're back on the road.

Discover our Easy Rider plans

Just insurance? Think again.


  • Find my Bike
  • Customer Support Fast Lane
  • Theft detection notifications (Soon)
  • Theft Insurance
  • Damage Insurance

Included with your Cowboy bike


€8/month (billed annually)
  • Find my Bike
  • Customer Support Fast Lane
  • Theft detection notifications (Soon)
  • Theft Insurance
  • Damage Insurance

Buy in the checkout or through your Cowboy app


€10/month (billed annually)
  • Find my Bike
  • Customer Support Fast Lane
  • Theft detection notifications (Soon)
  • Theft Insurance
  • Damage Insurance

Buy in the checkout or through your Cowboy app

Never ride alone

The Cowboy team is always at your side. If you have any questions about Easy Rider plans or want to talk with someone about how it works, give us a call at +32 2 808 12 86 or chat with one of our Customer Support experts on this website.

Cowboy e-bike - Never ride alone Cowboy e-bike - Never ride alone Cowboy e-bike - Never ride alone Cowboy e-bike - Never ride alone

Easy Rider in plain English

The good, the bad and the ugly.

What can you expect from the Customer Support Fast Lane?

If you have any kind of questions or issues you can expect a response from our team in less than 5 minutes from Monday to Friday between 9.30am to 6pm. Just use the chat inside the application to be sure that your message will be prioritised.

What’s in it for you?
  • We cover your bike all-year round for a maximum period of 3 years.
  • This is an insurance policy for your Cowboy bike only.
  • The insurance is intended for people of 18 years and older, who officially reside in Belgium or the Netherlands.
  • It is intended for private usage, not people using their bike for commercial purposes (e.g. courier delivery, etc.)
What is theft insurance and how does it work?
  • It protects you against the theft of your bike.
  • It reimburses you for the damage caused by an attempted theft.
What is damage insurance and how does it work?
  • It protects your bike against damage resulting from an accident, vandalism, floods, fire or other external elements.
How does it work?

We said simple.

  • Just activate your insurance in your App within 6 months of purchasing your bike by entering the unique insurance CODE you will get via email.
  • If stolen or in case of total damage:
    • Contact us here to make a claim.
    • You get a voucher for a NEW Cowboy bike (within 25 days).
    • Voucher value: 1,791€ = 1,990€ (original purchase value) - 199€ (deductible).
    • Use the voucher on and get a new bike asap.
  • If your bike needs repairs:
    • You pay for the repairs. Please make sure to go to a Cowboy repair shop.
    • Contact us here to make a claim and get a full refund on you bank account to cover the cost of repairs.
    • If your bike is not repairable, you will get a voucher for a new one.
In some circumstances, you won’t get covered. What are those?
  • If the theft of the bike happens when the bike is not locked according to Cowboy’s prescribed procedure via the digital key of the Cowboy app.
  • If the bike is located in a public place or in an enclosed communal area without being satisfactorily locked. The bike must be locked with a bike chain ART category 2 or higher (example: ABUS BORDO PLUS bike chain) used according to the manufacturer’s instructions AND fixed to a permanent object when it was stolen (e.g. bike rack, utility pole).
  • The wheels, tires or electric battery if stolen separately from the bike.
  • If you cause damage to a third-party while riding your bike, it does not insure your civil liability.
  • Aesthetic damage (e.g. scratches or dents).
  • Damage resulting from a breach of trust or fraud.
  • Theft or attempted theft of the bike resulting from the theft of your smartphone with the mobile application to unlock the bike.
  • Damage to the smartphone containing the mobile application to unlock the bike.
Are there any other rules I must follow?
  • The insurance must be activated in the Cowboy app within 6 months after delivery, by using the unique code you received in email. Your bike will not be insured unless you have activated the insurance in the Cowboy app.
  • You will not be insured if you make technical changes to the insured bike. You can, however, add accessories like mudguards or a child seat but they won’t be insured under the insurance program.
Where am I covered?
  • The insurance provides coverage in every country of the European Union, as well as in the principalities of Andorra and Monaco, Vatican City, Iceland, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland.
What are my obligations?
  • You must report the theft of the bike to the police or judicial authorities within 24 hours.
  • You must submit a copy of the official police report at the time of the claim.
  • You must file a claim as quickly as possible after the incident and within 8 days from the time when you have knowledge of it.
  • You must provide us with the correct information and circumstances when entering into the insurance contract;
  • You must go to a Cowboy agreed repair shop in case of damage.
Can I cancel my contract?
  • You can cancel your insurance after one year. You must inform Qover at least 3 months before the due date.
  • You can cancel if we change the insurance price or the general terms & conditions.
  • You can cancel the insurance contract no later than one month after you make a claim. The insurance contract then ends three months after the day of notification.
  • You can revoke the insurance contract within 14 calendar days after you purchased the contract.
When and how do I pay?
  • You pay the premium annually.
  • Your bike can be insured up to maximum 3 years.
  • Your contract runs for one year and is tacitly renewed annually via your credit card.
  • At the end of three years, we will cancel the contract. This is so that you never pay too long for this insurance and that it matches your insurance needs, given the depreciation of the bike over time.
How do I make a claim?

Finalise your subscription

To finalise your insurance contract, please answer the questions below.

Having trouble finalising your subscription? Chat with us.

Your subscription has been completed! When you receive your bike just use the following code to activate your insurance in the Cowboy application.
We have also sent you an email to with all the instructions.
Still have questions? Check our FAQ on the Easy Rider plan.

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