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  • Product Hunt - Most upvoted ebike ever
“I've been riding a beta-version of the cowboy bike during 3 months. I can testify that riding my Cowboy 🤠 🚲 is definitely the best way I experienced to go to work over the last ten years. Thanks to its great e-acceleration, my Door-to-door average speed is above 22 km/h without too much effort.
What differentiates a Cowboy bike versus other e-bikes is for sure its design, light weight and overall quality. The brakes are also particularly efficient.
Going forward, I'm waiting for a software update in order to have the front and back light in alternative mode to be more visible by night.”

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Cowboy e-bike Make it your own.

Pick a color to suit your style, then let it rain with mudguards that fit your bike like a glove.