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Cowboy Unveils "Race" - Its First Foray into Social Gaming

Cowboy Unveils "Race" Back to News Top

- Industry-first launch lets Cowboy riders race one another: 'Race' is one of 3 new In-Ride Games and part of an exciting upgrade to Connect software that elevates the riding experience.

- Competitive and fun: games bring new innovation for fitness-focused riders burning calories and testing endurance.

- Continued focus on Rider Safety: Cowboy already paves the way with safety features like Crash Detection and Predictive Alerts; New Games come with built-in safeguards

- Theft Protection and In-Ride Milestones: The Connect software update means Theft Alerts and completely redesigned, dynamic in-ride milestones now come as standard.

Cowboy, the world's most advanced e-bike manufacturer, has today unveiled three new live games within its award-winning app.

'Race' is the flagship game in Cowboy's Summer Update of Connect – their proprietary software package. It represents Cowboy's first foray into social gaming, further enhancing the riding experience and community connectedness for Cowboy riders worldwide. The game sees riders with similar profiles compete against each other in a 500m sprint to progress through increasingly challenging levels and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

How It Works

Once in a safe cycling environment, like a park, riders can choose between the three games in the app. The games are designed with safety at the forefront, with intuitive gameplay that minimises distraction and built-in functionality that pauses them automatically when riders stop. If conditions are right, the app may suggest a game. Turning off the games can be easily done with one touch.

Introducing the Games

RACE: Compete against another rider with a similar profile on a 500-meter sprint. The first opponent will be a stranger with similar stats, but with every win, the challengers get a bit faster.

BURN: Hit a calorie burn target in an intense one-minute challenge. It starts with 4 calories in Level 1 but intensifies to 23 calories by Level 20 to push the rider to the limit.

PUSH: Test your strength and endurance by keeping pedal power above the threshold for 15 seconds straight to progress to the next level. The game might sound simple, but conquering all 25 levels is a real challenge.

With the introduction of In-Ride Games, Cowboy reinforces its status as the most connected e-bike, adding industry-leading software to its already impressive Connect package.

“We've always prided ourselves on having the ultimate connected e-bike, and our super-engaged community have collectively ridden 150 million kilometres,” explains Tanguy Goretti, Co-Founder and CTO of Cowboy. "Connectivity means shared intelligence, enabling us to have industry-leading safety features, such as Traffic Alerts and Crash Detection. Today is another first: Connecting our riders through a fun and exciting interactive Race game. We're incredibly excited about this first step into social gaming and the potential that it brings to Cowboy's riders.”

Theft Alerts now standard with Cowboy Connect

Connect is Cowboy's proprietary software that includes popular features like Share My Ride and seamless integration with Apple Health and Strava. In addition to the new games, Connect now further enhances the riding experience by providing Theft Alerts to all subscribed riders.

All-new Rider Dashboard

With today's update, the Ride Dashboard has been completely redesigned to show dynamic In-Ride Milestones. Instead of displaying static data, the screen for the riders now changes based on the context and notifies them when they reach important milestones.

All Connect subscribers will receive the new software through over-the-air updates.

Latest news

These latest announcements come after Cowboy's recent launch of Cross, the brand's first all-road bike, named Best E-Bike by GQ Magazine, and the 'Best of the Best' Red Dot design award win for its best-selling Cruiser model.

Last week, Cowboy launched its new trade-in program in collaboration with Upway, the leading refurbished e-bike marketplace. The program enables riders of over 200 e-bike brands to trade in their bikes for a new Cowboy.


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