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We're excited to announce the launch of Race – a groundbreaking innovation and our first foray into social fitness. Part of a suite of three In-Ride Games, it allows you to compete over a 500m sprint against fellow riders and add a layer of excitement to your ride. The game intelligently matches participants to ensure competitive races, progressively introducing faster challengers as the levels go up.

Race is included as part of the wider Summer Update to our Connect software package, alongside the other two, which challenge riders to beat their personal bests:

  • Burn: Riders pedal hard to fill the 'calories burned' ring. Starting with a manageable 4-calorie target, the challenge escalates over 20 levels.
  • Push: Riders must maintain their pedal power above a certain level for 15 straight seconds. Again, the difficulty increases significantly over 25 levels.

As with all the features in our Connect software package, these games are designed with safety at the forefront. Intuitive gameplay with audio cues minimize distraction, and built-in functionality pauses the games automatically when riders stop. They can also be easily turned off altogether with one touch. We recommend playing the games in safe cycling environments, such as parks and cycle lanes.

The Connect Summer Update doesn't stop at games. It also includes our highly-rated Theft Alerts, offering all users peace of mind with automated notifications and live GPS tracking. The new-look Ride Dashboard also now shows dynamic In-Ride Milestones. Instead of displaying static data, the screen for the riders changes based on the context and notifies them when they reach important – and not-so-important – milestones.

Cowboy is unique in the way it builds connectivity into its bikes, and has long harnessed the power of its shared intelligence to develop industry-leading safety features. This upgrade builds on this unique foundation and is available free of charge to all riders with Cowboy Connect via an easy over-the-air update. It represents thousands of hours of hard work from our dedicated software team and truly elevates our riders' experience to the next level.

We're excited to hear what our super active community has to say about the games – and look forward to seeing some impressive times on that 500m sprint. Interested in testing our future features before anyone else? Join our beta group.


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